About Us

Hello, we are Carolina Cuevas and Edgar Alexander. Back in 2011, our lives changed in a wonderful way when we adopted our cat, Noah. This fuzzy kitten turned out to be a little alien in a feline costume. His big personality amuses us every single day, and his love for us melts our hearts and teaches us to be compassionate.

We find inspiration in our own cat Noah, and we know other cat parents out in the world want to celebrate their fur kids as well, so in 2013, we created our line of cat accessories, Carvas, to celebrate our feline best friends.

We make our cat accessories ourselves from our home studio and obsess over the pictures that our clients send us of their cat wearing our creations.


Our Team

Carolina Cuevas
Creative and Production Manager

Carolina has been a fervent cat-lover from childhood. She is also driving force behind Carvas. Style is in her heart, and her eyes are on the details. She curates and knows operations inside out. She stitches and assembles pieces, and takes long breaks to pet our cat muse: Noah.

Edgar Alexander
Brand & Communication

He is the brand’s whisperer. Edgar translates Carvas’ cat-vibes into gorgeous images, snappy quips, and remarkable customer experience that all of our clients get to know. You have probably have heard from him already! Edgar is also the co-founder of the cat festival POP Cats, which highlights cat welfare advocacy.

Carlos Cuevas
Production Extraordinare

He is the treasure of Carvas’ artistry. Carlos does wonders whenever he picks up a needle, thread, and fabric. He’s masterful, detailed, and loudly passionate. Carlos is responsible for harnessing production challenges and for brightening any gloomy day with his wit and cattitude.

Our Mantra

Remarkable style and quality for your cat and you. We believe in beautiful design, precious materials, and skillful craftsmanship; this is what inspires us and brightens our every day.